MIJOBS Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Milan Stainless Steel Wrist Strap Original

Original Mijobs Milan Strap For Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Screwless Stainless Steel Bracelet For Mi Band 3 hadir dengan 3 pilihan warna (Black Rosegold dan Silver) serta dengan desain yang menarik dengan kualitas bahan yang sempurna. Milan bracelet ini didesain fit untuk Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Dengan bracelet ini Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Anda akan tampil lebih elegan dan menarik.


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Mijobs Stainless Steel Milan Strap Bracelet Replacement For Xiaomi Mi Band 3 merupakan stainless steel replacement bracelet yang diproduksi oleh Mijobs untuk Xiaomi Mi Band Anda. Bracelet ini didesain menggunakan bahan stainless steel dengan adjustment buckle yang dapat Anda sesuaikan sesuai ukuran pergelangan Anda. Stainless steel bracelet ini membuat tampilan Mi Band Anda lebih elegan.

Stainless steel material ,Screwless
Wearable wrist band / wrist strap for Xiaomi Mi Band 3
A nice replacement to color your bracelet
Easy and simple to use
Made of high-quality ,environmental and healthy
Comfortable to wear
Magnetic design. It can absorb together magnetically and doesnt need any screws to fix.
Precise stainless grid pattern wristband. It can adjust the length of the wristband by adjusting the buckles.
It is suitable for girls and boys. Easy to disassemble.
Fine Polishing. In order to make a perfect wristband to match your watch, it adopts fine polish

Brand : MIJOBS
Type : Stainless Steel Milan Strap for Xiaomi Mi band 3
Type : metal wristband
Material : zinc alloy, 304 stainless steel
Length : 15-22cm
Wide of the band : 14mm
Weight : 36g
Stainless steel strap specially designed for Xiaomi Mi Band 3
All stainless steel solid wire mesh with interlock clasp
Size can be adjusted according to the circumstance of individual wrist
Softness is moderate, wear very comfortable
Come with double layer shell holder, easy to install and remove
Compression molding, sturdy ,durable and exquisite

1.Stick the screwdriver into the small holes
2.Raise it up
3.Then move the buckle to the suitable length
4.Press the buckle back
5.Stick the screwdriver to the negative direction of the open direction to fix it

1 x MIJOBS Milan Stainless Steel Metal Strap for Mi Band 3
(NOTE : Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Not Included)

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